Friday, March 27, 2009

The Joy of the Returning Customer

One thing that all of us who sell our creations yearn for and treasure is the returning customer. The person who loves that first purchase so much that they come back for more. The customer who becomes a collector. The fan that passes the word. The buyer that takes the time to let us know that they "love" their new aquisition. We don't create to have boxes and boxes of finished pieces packed away for no one to see. We create for the joy of creating and sharing this joy with folks who have an appreciation for handmade. Now more than ever I'm reminded that in this uncertain economy, every purchase is a well thought out purchase. And. because it's well thought out, the sale means so much more to me. I'm grateful for my returning customers as well as those new folks that I hope will turn into returnng customers. Thanks for your purchases either through galleries, shops or online.