Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Invasion of the Fishies

There are a few things that excite me about the creative process. One is when I make multiples and how these multiples look together. I've been on a mission to make a lot of my little fishies. The "little" fishies have evolved from larger fish that I've been making for several years. The large fish were specifically made to be mounted on garden stakes, that I call Fish Sticks. Because of the problems associated with shipping the large Fish Sticks, I've limited my outlet for sales to a local co-op gallery called A Little Room For Art. The gallery has a wonderful garden area in the back and it makes a great setting for my Fish Sticks. My goal in making the Little Fishies is to offer a size variety and new lower price point and also perhaps a fish stick that will ship easily. Ideas evolved and from the Fish Stick came the Phishy Photo Holder. I've been trying to make a few fishies any time I sit down to work on a clay project. I really love to see how they look in a group. I'm not yet sure exactly how many "a lot" is in numbers, but I plan to keep making them until I answer that question.