Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Finds

I love when a plan comes together.  Sometimes I'll have a notion of how a fish teapot is going to look when completed.  Sometimes I get lucky along the way and find some neat beads to finish her off.  In the case of my latest girl I got lucky.  A local art friend and lampwork bead maker, Stacy of Pink Beach Studio on Etsy came through with her wonderful beads.  Check out Stacy's shop:   I knew that I wanted to use some of Stacy's beads so when I constructed this teapot I made just enough holes to accomodate Stacy's standard bead pack.  When I saw the beads after I glazed this Clown Triggerfish I knew that they would be the perfect finishing touch.  I'm really getting a kick out of using lampwork beads for the inspiration.  What's next???